Assignment (2)/Lab (1) Homework - Due by Midnight, Tuesday, August 28

Problem (1)
Go through the manual given for Pine to learn how to use pine to check your
e-mails on cs. Send me an e-mail with subject "Problem (1)" and in the
e-mail tell me your complete name, and major.

Problem (2)
Go through all the steps of the UNIX Short manual.  if you successfully complete
the manual, at the end you will generate a file called typescript.  E-mail me that
file. The subject line should say "Problem (2)".

Problem (3)
Soon, I will e-mail you a file called info.txt.  Use pine to read my e-mail, then
copy that file into your directory.  Use pico to edit the file and complete the
information.  Then save the updated file as userid.txt (please use your user id).
Now you have to e-mail me that file. The subject line should say "Problem (3).
Once I received your mail file, I will e-mail you back a confirmation.  You may
not receive the confirmation immediately.  Check to make sure you have my
confirmation, otherwise, your mail may have failed to go through.