Pre-Lab - Lab (12)

Answer the following questions in writing.

1) Suppose you have the following array declaration:
                                                                                    int test[13];
Assuming that a variable of type int uses two bytes of memory, when you run this program how much memory will this array consume? When you run this program, let's say that your system assigns the memory address 3000 to the indexed variable test[0],what will be the address of the indexed variable test[5] ? What will be the contents of the memory location test[13] ?

2) Define a structure called Team that has two member variables: last_name of type C-string of up to 15 characters and score of type int. Declare an array called game that is an array of 5 elements of type Team.  Describe the memory configuration that is required to save this struct when all elements are filled.  How much memory do you need to save 5 teams?

3) Create a class called Time that has three separate int members: hours, minutes, and seconds.  How much memory an array of 5 Time classes will require?