Post-Lab - Lab (11) - Student Database

Write a C++ program to serve as the database for some number of students.  The maximum number of students in the database will be defined as a global variable in your program and can be changed to suit different number of students.  You will read the students' information from an input file.  On the first line of the input file, you will have the number of students.  Each student will have the following information stored for him/her:

    1) Last Name (array of characters with length 15 or less)
    2) First Name (array of characters with length 15 or less)
    3) e-mail address (array of characters with length 30 or less)
    4) Street Address (array of characters with length 20 or less)
    5) City (array of characters with length 20 or less)
    6) State (array of characters with length 2)
    7) Zip Code (array of characters with length 5)
    8) Phone Number (array of characters with length of 10)

Here is what your program will do:

    a) populate the database, i.e., read the input file and store the data.  You may use a class or a struct to store each student's data. Thus, to store the data for more than one student, you will need an array of structs or classes, depending on the choice you have made.

    b) Once you have stored the data, your program should provide the following options:
            1) Display the list of all students with their information
            2) Display the information for students with a requested last name, thus with this option, you will ask the user to input a last name.
            3) Display all the users who have e-mail addresses with a requested provider, for example:  Thus, with this option, the user enters the provider's information, for example,
            4) Display all students with  a requested area code, i.e. the user enters an area code with this option.
            5) Display all students from a requested city, thus, the user provides a city name with this option.

Here is a sample input file.