Spring 2007 CS 1440 Class - Sumamry of Activities by date

Friday April 27
Final Exam: Friday, April 27, 2007 from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Wed April 25
Last Day of Class - Finsishing the CD and DVD Example

Mon April 23
Exam 2 Grades- Short discussion, Solution to the Exam 2
Begin Chapter (8)-The CD and DVD Database Example

Fri April 20
Exam 2 - chapters 1-6, Make sure you very well understand the Take Home.

Wed April 18

Mon April 16
We wrote the Quadratic Equation Formula in the last class. The basic codes was like this:
QuadraticEquation class
We want to write a QuadraticEquationTest class for testing of the above class.
We will add the * and / to the full Calculatoir class as out own version MyCalculator

Mon Mar 26
Chapter (5), using the startWith method with two parameters
using the trim method, replacing startWith with equals, Making the response program display 4 fixed messgaes.

Fri Mar 23
Start Chapter (5), the TechSupport program 1.

Wed Mar 21
Finishing Chaptr (4)
The Ten Number program with 10 double values. TenDoubleWithArrays.txt

Mon Mar 19
Finishing Arrays - the TenNumber Program with arrays.

Fri Mar 9
Take Home Exam was given - Due Monday March 19

Wed Mar 7
Don't forget that a Take Home exam will be given out on Friday
We start talking baout Arrays. We wrote the TenNumber program with Arrays. We called the new program TenNumbersWithArray.

Mon Mar 5
Midterm 1 Grades, discussions
Section 4.9
Last day to drop a course Monday March 19

Fri Mar 2
Midterm 1 - Chapters 1-4 up to section 4.9 (4.9 not included) Don't forget the Program 0, see the bottom of Lab page to see that assignment.

Wed Feb 28
Review for Exam (1)
Discussions about Arrays - 4.12

Mon Feb 26
Writing yet a new version of the TenNumberWithArrayList that uses an iterator to do the same thing. We will call this one TenNumberWithArrayListAndIterator.
Some guidelines for Exam (1)

Fri Feb 23
We solved Quiz(7). Basically we took the TenNumberWithArrayList class and added methods to search for a particular number after we had entered some integers. Then we also wrote a methos to remove an element from the list.
Here is the new version of that class The new TenNumberWithArrayList

Wed Feb 21
We started the class by writing a simple class that would
allow users to enter 10 integer values and would compute the
sum of those 10 numbers. Here is how that class would look like.
Then we started talking about ArrayList and wanted to write the above
program with ArrayList. Here is the same program witten using an Array List.

Mon Feb 19
Chapter (4) loops and condistional statements. Started talking baout Array List
Think about how you can create a class Student and keep track of:
First Name, Last Name, ID
Courses a students istaking/has taken. Note that students take different number of courses.

Fri Feb 16
Finishing up Chapter (3) - the mail program and use of this in 3.12.2.
Up to Section 4.9

Fri Feb 16
Chapter (4)
We worked on the manyCircle program. Now the program uses Class Circle in the Picture Class to display two rows of circles with five different colors. We used a for loop to draw the first rwo of circles and a while loop to draw the second row. We identified the differences/silimarities between the two. This the new version of the class Picture we wrote for the manyCircle class.
Click to open and copy and paste the content to the picture class file
Quiz (5) - We tried and then solved this Quiz in class. It was about loops.
Talked about the debauger and demo and example inside one of the loops.

Fri Feb 14
Chapter (4)
We started working on a program that would draw 5 circles of 5 different colors using loops.
We opened the Picture program, removed the square, and triangle classes then we save the file as manyCircle. We then modified the Picture class to do the drawing. We first draw the circles in with the same color. This is that program, click to open then, paste its content into the Picture class file.

Fri Feb 12
Chapter (3)
We wrote a program that would ask for an amount of money in Cents and would display the amount in $Dollars.Cents. We learned that we needed two display object of the same type, one for to display the dollar amount and the other to display the cents. The cents part has a limit of 99 and for the purpose of this program we assumed you are only $1,000,000 rich. Here is myMoney program. myMoney Program we alos used the DislayNumber: here

Fri Feb 9
We started working on the Clock Program in Chapter (3). We made modifications to add the Second to that program as well.
We tried to test the program for different input time, but the most important tests were:
up the time by one second, secondTick once. This should display:
Once again up the second by one, this should display:

Wed Feb 7
Chapter (3)
Mon Feb 5
Continued with the Exercises in 2.16
Fri Feb 2
Quiz (4) - Exercises in 2.16
More on object interation
Finsihing up Chapter (2) - Conditional Statement

Wed Jan 31
Last Friday we wrote the Book program for Quiz (3) up to the second part
Open BlueJ, new class, We will call it Book class on local machine.
Delete the entire content of the class, and paste this one in it place
Book class
Finsihing up Chapter (2) - Conditional Statement

Mon Jan 29
No class due to bad weather.
Please read the rest of Chapter (2) and the improved Ticket program.
Don't forget the pre-lab for the lab this week.

Fri Jan 26
Quiz (3)
Wrote the constructor for the Book class and finished checkOut method. This is the complete program.
Continued with Chapter (2) - looking at the Ticket Machine

Wed Jan 24
Naive Ticket files
Create a directory naive-ticket-machine under your BlueJ directory, and copy all the files there.
Start Chapter (2) - looking at the Ticket Machine
Accessor and Mutator
Discussing the Ticket machine and thinking of improving it.
Started Chapter (2) - Worked on a constructor for the Ticket program

Mon Jan 22
Finishing up Chapter (1) and started looking sections of Chapter (2) up to Section 2.6 when we solved Quiz (2) and explained the answers. We demo how a method that returns a value work.

Fri Jan 19
Quiz (2) Workshop 1

Finishing up Chapter (1)

Wed Jan 17
Exercises 1.13, 1.14, 1.15.
Sections 1.11, 1.12, and 1.13

Mon Jan 15
MLK Holiday

Fri Jan 12
Started at 1.6 Quiz (1) - Know the definitions up to Section 1.6
Ended at 1.10

Wed Jan 10
Start Chapter 1, Section 1.1
Objectives: understanding of what objects and classes are, what they are used for, and how to intract with them.
What is a program?
Classes and Objects, examples: a cars and mycar.
Creating objects in Blue J
Methods, what they do? Calling methods
Some manuals, Pine e-mail too

Ended at 1.6 Mon Jan 8
Introduction, Syllabus, and Computer Usage Policy from.