CS 3531/5531 Secure Unix System Administration

Summer 2001

Course Syllabus

Professors: Dr. Edward Pekarek and Dr. Rahman Tashakkori
Office: CAP 121 and 127B
Office Phone: 262-2361 and 262-7009
Office Hours: By appointment
Class Time/Location: Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-5:45 pm/.
Lab Location: TBA
Start Date: May 29, 2001    End Date: August 2, 2001
Professors e-mail:  mailto:ekp@cs.appstate.edu , mailto:rt@cs.appstate.edu
Professor's Web Page: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/ , and http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/

Course Description
This course offers an in depth examination of key concepts in Unix implementation, support, and administration.  The course will address some important security issues with different Unix systems in a networked environment.  It will discuss the administrative preparation and actions to avoid future problems.  The course incorporates some labs which provide an opportunity for students to learn about different administration responsibilities.  This course targets the upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with the interest in installing, operating, administering or managing a Unix system.  Technical support staff, programmers, and software developers will significantly benefit from this course.

Some of the Topics
      Who is a system administrator and what does he do?
      Startup and shutdown process
      File management
      Controlling processes
      Managing users
      Devices and Drivers
      Web server
      Security issues

Operating Systems

Reference Texts
Unix Systems Administration Handbook, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall PTR.

Additional readings to be distributed during class.

Grading Policy
Midterm project report
Final project report
Lab exercises 
Class attendance
Class participation

All assignments and programs MUST be completed by students individually.  You may discuss the assignments and programs among each other but you have to write/edit programs by YOURSELF.   Please see the ASU Academic Integrity Policy for a description of the woes that befall a transgressor!