CS 3760 Security and System Administration
Course Syllabus-Summer 2013

Professor: Dr. Rahman Tashakkori
Office: CAP 121
Office Phone: 262-7009
Office Hours: By appointment
Class Time/Location: Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thr 1:00-3:30/CAP 439
First Day:Tue May 21,   Last Day: Thr June 20
e-mail:  rt AT cs DOT appstate DOT edu
Web Page: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/ 

Course Description
The course will address some important security issues with computers of different operating systems in a networked environment.  It will discuss the administrative preparation and actions to avoid future problems.  The course incorporates some labs which provide an opportunity for students to learn about different administration responsibilities.  This course targets the upper-level undergraduate with the interest in installing, operating, administering or managing a Unix system.  This course offers an in depth examination of key concepts in Unix implementation, support, and administration.  Technical support staff, programmers, and software developers will significantly benefit from this course. 

Some of the Topics
Who is a system administrator and what does he do? File management, Controlling processes, Managing users, Devices and Drivers, Networking, Web server, Security issues, Recommendations, and Resources.

Data Structures.
  Some knowledge of UNIX will be very helpful.

Reference Texts (reference books are all available online)
To get the online books, go to the web page of the ASU Library, and find Safari E-Books:

Here are some of the books we will use: 

Additional readings to be distributed during class.

Grade Components
Three exams (30%), Final (15%), final project report & presentation (15%), Analyses of your System's Configuration and Security and log files (15%), and labs, assignments and two presentations (25%).

Grading Scale and Class Attendance
Grades 93 and higher will be A, 90-93 A-,
87-90 B+,  83-87 B, and 80-83 B-. 
A similar scale will be used for the lower grades.
You are required to attend all classes.  Each missing class will result in a deduction of 5 points from your overall semester grade. A student with 2 missing classes will receive a failing grade.