Assignment (1) - System Security and Administration
Due Monday June 8 - Class Time

Submit a text file containing your answers. The file must be called assgn1.txt. The subject line MUST say Assignment (1). You can test your script on the STUDENT machine or your own Linux box. Make sure to test the script and include your results.

Q1. Write a shell script that displays your user ID, current working directory, and today.s day (only).

Q2. Write shell script to show various system configuration like

1) Currently logged user and his login name
2) Your current shell
3) Your home directory
4) Your operating system type
5) Your current path setting
6) Your current working directory
7) Show Currently logged number of users
8) Show computer cpu information like processor type, speed etc
9) Show memory information
10) Show hard disk information like size of hard-disk, cache memory, model etc

Q3. Write a script of your choice that does a simple system administration task.