Class Activities by Date
Class Activities by Date

Fri June 20 - Policies are due via e-mail by NOON.
Minimum 2 page long Policy with Implementation Plan with Margin 1" on all sides, font 12, and double spaced. On the first page, center the Title and your name in bold.

Thr June 26 - Exam (4)
Presentations on:
13. E-mail abuses and related security issues (Christian)

Lab Activity -

Wed June 25
Presentations on:
11. Security Issues with FTP and Secure FTP Mechanisms (Mark)
12. Responding to Security Incidents (Geoff)

Lab Activity -

Tue June 24
Presentations on:
9. Protecting Data Using Encryption (Pham)
10. Importance of System Audit in System Security (Robby)

Lab Activity -

Mon June 23
Red Hat Linux Security Guide
A White Paper on Linux SE Security
Presentations on:
7. Windows XP Specific Security Issues on Windows Workstations (Matthew)
8. Windows Servers Security Issues (Jeff)

Lab Activity - Finishing PortSentry

NMAP and TCPWrapper (Xinetd)

Sat June 21 - Paper 2 is due via e-mail.
Minimum 3 pages on the topic of your second presentation. Margin 1" on all sides, font 12, and double spaced. On the first page, center the Title and your name in bold. Separate the paper in different sections with the headings in bold. Include the references for your paper at the end.

Thr June 19 - Exam 3
Presentations on:
5. Security Issues with Linux Prepheral Devices such as Dial up Modems (Bish)
6. World Wide Web Security (Jason)

Lab Activity -

Wed June 18
Presentations on:
3. Firewalls (Hardware and software) and their roles in Improving System Security (Kennth)
4. Social Engineering and System Secuirty (Jeremy)

Lab Activity - NIS and Printer

Tue June 17
Presentations on:
1. Denial of Service Attack (Coty)
2. Buffer Overflow Security Problems (Lateef)

Lab Activity - Finsished DNS, unified user IDs, logfile setting and check, installed and configured NFS

Mon June 16
No Presentation
Exam 2 Grades, Beging Lectures on Security Issues

Lab Activity - Completed DNS Installation and Configurations

Thr June 12 - EXAM 2
Presentations on:
15. Secure Software (Jeff & RT)

Wed June 11 - Lab 4 is Due
Presentations on:
1. Security of Computing Systems in Business World (Matthew)
14. Some of the Linux Red Hat Security Issues (Kenneth)
Podcast on Building Secure Software
Transcript of the Podcast

Lab Activity - Installing DNS

Tue June 10
Presentations on:
11. Security of Computing Systems in Medical World (Geoff)
12. Trojan horses and Egg drops (Jason)

Lab Activity - Finishing Samba and Setting up for DNS

Mon June 9
Presentations on:
Intrusion Detection and Honey Pots (Christian)
Spam and Phishing (Mark)

Lab Activity - Finishing Xfig and XGraph
Lab Activity - Preparing the Server
Lab Activity - Finishing Samba

Thr June 5
Session 3 Slides Exam 1
Presentations on:
7. Encryption and Authentication Protocols and their importance in System Security
8. Spywares

Wed June 4 Assignment (1) is due at class time
Presentations on:
5. Insiders Security Threat
6. Security of Computing Systems in Academic World

Lab Activity -

Tue June 3
Presentations on:
3. Wireless Networks Security Issues (Lateef)
4. Viruses (Robert)

Lab Activity - Finsishing John the Ripper. Add 6 users with different passwords of vaious size and formats. Run the Cracker Software to see if you can crack some of them. Note that in general, you will always run the password cracker as some passwords my be cracked in longer time.
Let's look at the installation of Samba. Samba Installation

Mon June 2
Presentations on:
13. Windows Servers Security Issues (Bish)
June 2 Course Activity, 8 Items, last one is the installation

Lab Activity - Learn about the John the Ripper Password Cracker and its installtion and configuration. Install the package as the first software on your Linux box. Create six New User IDs (user1 through user6) on your machine with six different level of difficulty in password. Run the cracker over night to see how fast these passwords were cracked.

Thr May 29
Finishing Linux Review, Shell Scripts
Setting up the machines and start the installation of Linux RedHat 5.1 Ent

CERT Podcast on Protecting Against Insider Threat (~27 minutes)
CERT Podcast: Protecting Against Insider Threat
CERT Podcast Notes for This Podcast: Notes for Protecting Against Insider Threat
CERT Transcript for this Podcast: Transcript in PDF

Wed May 28
Unix Review, Getting your computers ready for installation.
Lab (2) - Review of Unix

CERT Podcast on Connecting the Dots Between IT Operations and Security (~25 minutes)
CERT Podcast: The Disconnects, and Why Business Leaders Should Care (7:55)
CERT Podcast: Benchmarking and Situational Awareness (6:29)
CERT Podcast: Risk-Based Scoping, Upstream Involvement, and Meaningful Metrics (10:21)
CERT Podcast Notes for This Podcast: Notes for Security for Business Leaders
CERT Transcript for this Podcast: Transcript in PDF

Tue May 27
Syllabus, Survey, Logbooks, Introduction, Unix Review.
Lab (1) - vi and Pine

CERT Podcast on Internal Audit's Role in Information Security: An Introduction: Internal Audit as Assurance Provider and Internal Audit as Collaborator (14:25)
CERT Podcast Notes for This Podcast: Notes
CERT Podcast Transcript for this Podcast: Transcript in PDF