Class Activities by Date
Class Activities by Date

Thr June 21
Log books are due at the before we start the Written Exam

Final version of your security policy and Guidelines for ensuring security of your systesm is due before we start the exam.
Final Exam - written part
John's Team - In-lab exam 11:30-12:30 (8 minutes each)
Complete an additional task on Wedneday at 10:20..

Wed June 20
More on fine tuning the security of your systems
Jake's Team - In-lab exam 10:20-11:00 (8 minutes each)
Complete an additional task immediately after.

Brent's Team - In-lab exam 11:00-11:40 (8 minutes each)
Complete an additional task immediately after.

Derrick's Team - In-lab exam 11:40-12:25 (8 minutes each)
Complete an additional task tomorrow right after your written exam.

Tue June 19
Hacking all day-Analysis of the security of your computers.
Fine tuning the Security Policy

Mon June 18
Exam 2 discussions
Installing Web Servers
Develpoing Security Policies for each Team. Members of each team work together to establish the security policies for their machines. Also, they will work on the process of implementing the security measures.
Each team has to provide a list of things they have to check against to ensure the security of the systems. Also they have to provide a short description of how they will go to make sure they investigate different problems.

Thr June 14
Exam 2 Grades

Wed June 13 Exam 2

Tue June 12

Mon June 11
Finishing the installation and discussion of PortSentry

Thr June 7
More on security and port mapping

Wed June 6
More on Security issues.
TCP Wrapper and xinetd.conf configurations.

Tue June 5
Started talking about Security Issues
Draw a plan for the security of your machines.
John the Ripper password cracker

Mon June 4
Discussion of Exam (1)
Completing NFS set up

Thr May 31
NFS - maybe setting it up
Exam (1)

Wed May 30
Completing DNS setup
Quiz (1) answers due today.

Tue May 29
Setting up DNS and Samba

Mon May 28
Making sure sudoer file is set correctly
Understanding Log files
Setting up LAN and Establishing network connection
Quiz (1)

Thr May 24
Installing Linux

Wed May 23
Coninue with Introduction
Read Chapter (2) of the System Administration (Blue Book)
Read Chapter (1) of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Administration

Tue May 22
Syllabus, Introduction, and Getting your computers ready for installation.