Final Presentations - Visualization and Image Processing (VIP) Class
Summer Ventures 2010
Presentations will begin at 9:30 am for the VIP class.
  • Leela Goel (PPT) and PDF
    Identifying Type of Aphasia Using Image Processing
  • Jordan Tyler (PPT) and PDF These two files are required for this presentation SHOT1_0001.wmv and SHOULDER.wmv
    The Effects of Elbow Angle and Shoulder Rotation on a Free Throw
  • Christian Ryckeley (PPT) and PDF
    Double, Double Oil and Trouble
  • Andrew Fried (PPT) and PDF. You need this file as well SANY0059.avi
    How Sound Waves Travel in Water
  • David Carr (PPT) and PDF
    Finding the color and other traits of Paper at the Microscopic level
  • Shelby Bernal(PPT) and PDF
    Effect of Music on Heart Rate
  • Nicole Serem (PPT) and PDF You need this file 75serve.wmv as well.
    The Angle of a Server.s Arm vs. the Speed of a Volleyball
  • Kinsey Vaitkus (PPT) and PDF
    Can You Hear Me Now? Where Am I?
  • Keadija Wiley (PPT) and PDF
    Apple Textures and Its Effects on Apple Preference
  • Lucas Flint (PPT) and PDF
    How Best to Disguise a Message within an Image Using Steganography
  • Michelle Dy (PPT) and PDF
    Analysis of Hair of Various Ethnicities
  • Cassie Nellis (PPT) and PDF
    Analysis of Clothing Fiber