Summer Ventures 2009 Class Activities for Summer Ventures 2009

Friday July 24
Finishing up/Prepare Presentations/Practice
Make sure Jere has all the material from you, i.e., paper, presentation, ...

Thursday July 23
Rough Draft
E-mail Jere at :

Wenesday July 22

Tuesday July 21

Monday July 20

Friday July 17
Starting data collection and the experiments

Thursday July 16
Lab Activity (1): Preparation and Setting up for the projects

Wednesday July 15
Lab Activity (1) - Follow the Quick Tutorial on pages 8-13 of the VolView Manual . You can save screenshots in VolView via 'File -> Save Screenshot'. When Print out pictures to match the following figures, from different viewpoints:

* Both figures on page 10.
* The second figure on page 11.
* The third figure on page 13.
Note that your images will show all four visualization windows by default when saved with the 'Save Screenshot' menu item. Select 'Window -> (1) volume' to display only the volume view. Click the arrow on the top-left corner of any particular view and select one of the other options to switch it to a 2D view.Don't bother about some tools that are locked.
Lab Activity (2): Visualize the head similarly and take a screenshot

Tuesday July 14
Paraview should be installed on your machines. If by any chance that is not the case, you can download a 32-bit Windows version and istall it first.
Here is the link for download: Download Paraview
Lab Activity (1): A Paraview Tutorial
Lab Activity (2): Paraview Tutorial (1)
Datae FileData File for the Paraview Tutorial (1)
Lab Activity (3): Create a new visualization from the dataset Lobster: lobster.dat.vtk

Monday July 13
Lab Activity (1): Measurement of Percent Area
Lab Activity (2): These images are taken of two objects with irregular shape.
We are interested in measuring theirr areas. Note on each of the images, there are known objects for which you can either compute or find areas.
Lab Activity (3): Measuring Light Pollution

Thursday July 9
More on Image Processing, this time with MATLAB
Lab Activity (1): A Short Introduction on Image Enhancement, Restoration, and Information Extraction
Lab Activity (2): Introduction to MATLAB Image Processing
Lab Activity (3): Your first small image processing project in MATLAB

Wednesday July 8
Data collection on campus using GPS and PDA systems, visualizing the data.

Tuesday July 7
Activity (1) - Go through this lab very carefully. Follow all the steps. Measurement of Length and Angle

Activity (2) - Let's start with a simple example. 1) Save this Image, DoorWithAngle.jpg and use the techniques you learned in Activity (1) to estimate the height and width of the window in inches. The paper on the side is a regular printer paper.
2) On the same picture measure the angle between the side of the door on the right-hand-side and the white line that connects the corner of the door to the corner of the window.

Activity (3) - Now let's have some fun with the following project:
An Image Processing Research Project

Mon July 6
Class Activity (A small projects):
Projectile Motion

Friday July 3
What is Image Processing?
Image Processing Examples Class Activity:
Using ImageJ for Image Processingi:

Quick Guide to ImageJ
Important Note: Before we move on, we need to download a few files:

1) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.
2) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.
3) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.

Now you need to go to start, My Computer, and My Documents. In that directory double click on each of these three files one-by-one and unzip the file. Make sure the default directory where the files are extracted to is My Documents. It usually is and you do not have to change anything.

Thursday July 2
Continue with Visualization in Excel, finish the 3D plot. You can get the Elevation for Logitude and Latitude at USGS Web Site Finishing yesterdays' lab.
Class Activity (A small projects):
1) Curve Fitting Lab

Wednesday July 1
What is Visualization?
Class Activity: Visualizing your Data in Excel (2)
Here is a nice picture you may enjoy:

F22 Raptor Read the story if you wish What Supersonic Looks Like

Tuesday June 29
A Short Introduction on Visualization
Introduction, What are Visualization and Image Processing?
Last Year's Projects (PDF Format) and (PPT Format)
Building teams
Introduction to Excel
A tutorial from the Florida Gulf Coast University.
Class Activity: Visualizing your data in Excel (1)
Here is a nice web page that will allow users to get the Latitude and Longitude of a Point on the map.
Another cool mapping tool: Simple Map Generator