Summer Ventures 2008 Class Activities for Summer Ventures 2008

Sat July 25
The day you have been waiting for. Final Presnetations 8:00-11:00
Meet and Greet 11:00-11:45
Closing Ceremonies 12:00-1:00

Fri July 24
Looking at the papers and presentations
Final revisions and corrections on your papers and presentations
Final Pratices on presentations

Thr July 23
Begin looking at the papers and presentations
Conducting the research and collecting results.

Wed July 23
Conducting the research and collecting results.

Tue July 22
Conducting the research and collecting results.

Mon July 21
Conducting the research and collecting results.

Friday July 18
Setting up the research proejcts.

Thursday July 17
Analyzing Earthquake Data
Analyzing Volcano Data
Projects Proposal Revised. Write the methodology. List of steps you will take to conduct your research, list of items/tools/instruments you may need, and a time-line for the experiment.

Wednesday July 16
MATLAB Lab (3) - Image Filtering
GPS Systems. Scavenger Hunt with GPS Systems.

Tuesday July 15
We will install VolView first and then we will try to use it. This software is not installed on your machines. To install VolView go to this page Download VolView for Windows and save the file on your machine. Once done, double click on the file to start the installation.
To open a VolView session, go to Start, All Programs, Click on Vol View 2.0. You will use the Online Help file which is located under the Help tab during this lab. Lab Activity:Use the User's Guide below and complete the Quick Tutorial and the activites in the rest of the mannual.
VolView User's Guide

A more advanced Tutorial on VolView

An interesting set of pictures: LA Pics. There is room for improvement of the images and other things. For example, how can you tell the two peacocks are different?
Can you extract the write-up on image 100_2372.JPG, 100_2402.JPG, and 100_2403.JPG?
Improve iamge 100_2380.JPG, 100_2386.JPG, and 100_2393.JPG.
How many fish in 100_2383.JPG?
and How many fish in 100_2385.JPG?
Can you improve the image of Sherry standing in the back?
Can you use segmentation to determine how many fish are the school at the top?

Monday July 14
How to carry out your research
How to conduct a search using the library resources (2:15-3:30 BLK Library)

Thursday July 10
Investigative Image Processing Problems, click here.

Wednesday July 9 Class Activity:
Using ImageJ for Image Processingi:

Quick Guide to ImageJ
Important Note: Before we move on, we need to download a few files:

1) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.
2) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.
3) Click on this ZIP file and store it in your My Documents Directory. Click Here.

Now you need to go to Start, My Computer, and My Documents. In that directory double click on each of these three files one-by-one and unzip the file. Make sure the default directory where the files are extracted to is My Documents. It usually is and you do not have to change anything.
ImageJ Lab 1 - Sharpenning an Image
Image Convolution in ImageJ
Measurement of Length and Angle
An Image Processing Problem

Tuesday July 8
MATLAB Lab (2) In Image Processing

Monday July 7
Image Processing
Class Activity:A short Lab on Image Processing
1) A quick lab on how to use MATLAB and on how to read Excel Data into MATLAB Introduction to MATLAB
2) The first Image Processing lab in MATLAB MATLAB Lab (1)
3) Creating your first home-made image

Friday July 4 HAPPY 4th of July
What is Image Processing?
Image Processing Examples
Class Activity (A small projects):
1) Projectile Motion

Thursday July 3
Continue with Visualization in Excel, finish the 3D plot. You can get the Elevation for Logitude and Latitude at USGS Web Site Finishing yesterdays' lab.
Class Activity (A small projects):
1) Curve Fitting Lab

Wednesday July 2
What is Visualization?
Class Activity: Visualizing your Data in Excel (2)

Tuesday July 1
A Short Introduction on Visualization
Introduction, What are Visualization and Image Processing?
Building teams
Introduction to Excel
A tutorial from the Florida Gulf Coast University.
Class Activity: Visualizing your data in Excel (1)