Students Presentations - Image and Visualization Class
Summer Ventures 2007
  • 8:30-8:35 Christian Baucum (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           I learned how to use binary codes and how to read images using MATLAB
  • 8:36-8:41 Sarah Rawls (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           THE BEST CLASS OF SVSM '07!!!!!!![04.gif] It was the BEST and hardest thing we will ever do!!!
  • 8:42-8:47 Vilas Sankar (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           Don't you love MATLAB? I sure do!
  • 8:48-8:53 Evan Whitfield (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           This class has taught me a lot about computers and the programs they run that process images.
  • 8:54-8:59 Ryan Belt (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           CS rocks! BlueJ is an awesome Java program. Dr. T. is the best teacher in the world.
  • 9:00-9:05 Allison Nelson (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           "VIP? What, we're important?"
  • 9:06-9:11 Erin McCarty (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           This past month has been one full of ups and downs, challenges and easy times,
              but through it all I've grown so much and owe it all to those who attended and
              helped out with Summer Ventures.
  • 9:12-9:17 Sam Kirby (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           The Visual & Image Processing class was very informative and extremely well tought by both
              Dr. Tashakkori and Mr. Miles.
  • 9:18-9:23 Nico Cedeno (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  • 9:24-9:29 Elizabeth Mobley (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           I had so much fun in VIP, singing all the time because nobody understood
              half of the stuff we did that all just happened to be "very important."
  • 9:30-9:35 Michelle Willcox (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           In my opinion, the VIP class was very fun and I enjoyed getting to know everyone.
              But more importantly, I learned a lot on a subject that I'm interested in and I
              can use in the future.
  • 9:36-9:41 Chris Wong (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           Miles is Trouble...
             Tashakkori is Love...
              Together, they are devout followers...of MATLAB
              Come join the Par-tay!
  • 9:42-9:47 Benjamin Bucior (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           VIP was an amazing class here at SVSM07!! All your base are belong to us!
  • 9:48-9:53 Jonathan McGinnis (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           MATLAB = MY WIFE
              MATLAB = MY LOVE
              MATLAB = sum(MY LOVE)
              error ---- sum undefined
  • 9:54-9:59 Jaspreet Cheema (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  • 10:00-10:05 Yadavan Varatharajah (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           What would VIP be without MATLAB?... this was an amazing/awesome class!
  • 10:06-10:11 Joe Lee (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           VIP was good and fun, sometimes dry and long, but overall I enjoyed this class very much.
  • 10:12-10:17 Adesewa Adelekun (Addy) (PowerPoint File) and PDF File

  •           VIP has been an amazing class. I didn't always understand everything,
              but there were amazing people and i learned something new.