Students Papers - Image and Visualization Class
Summer Ventures 2007
  • Christian Baucum - Patterns of Deadly Tornadoes in the United States (PDF File)
  • Sarah Rawls - License Plate Restoration (PDF File)
  • Vilas Sankar - Detecting Accent and Race through MATLAB (PDF File)
  • Evan Whitfield - Understanding the Physics Behind Recorded Motion (PDF File)
  • Ryan Belt - The Creation of a Repeating Image using Java (PDF File)
  • Allison Nelson - An Analysis of Graphical Representations of Bowling (PDF File)
  • Erin McCarty - Graphing Hurricanes Using Wind Speed and Barometric Pressure in Order to Predict Future Possibilities (PDF File)
  • Sam Kirby - Image Fusion and Distributed Intelligence in Multi-Sensor Networks (PDF File)
  • Nico Cedeno - Image Analysis of Spinal Structures Before and After Lifting a Load (PDF File)
  • Elizabeth Mobley - Detecting Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms with ImageJ (PDF File)
  • Michelle Willcox - Visualizing and Analyzing mp3 files in MATLAB (PDF File)
  • Chris Wong - The Lost Ark of MRI: The Third Dimension (PDF File)
  • Benjamin Bucior - Using Script-Fu in the GNU Image Manipulation Program to Automate "Smart" (PDF File)
  • Jonathan McGinnis - onstructing a 3-D Virtual Map Utilizing GPS Coordinates (PDF File)
  • Jaspreet Cheema - Incorporating ImageJ Visualization with Cancer Detection (PDF File)
  • Yadavan Varatharajah - Restoring Tumorous MRI Brain Images (PDF File)
  • Joe Lee - Image Enhancement (PDF File)
  • Adesewa Adelekun (Addy) - The Genes and Mutations of Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (PDF File)