Summer Ventures Visualization/ Image Processing Course

Tuesday July 17, 2007


Consider the following images of the back bone. Images on the left-hand-side are taken before placing a load on the subject and the images on the right-hand-side are taken after removing the load.


Image A Pre Load

Image A Post Load

Image C Pre Load

Image C Post load





1. Can you visually identify any difference between the pre- and post-load images?


2. As you can see the two subjects have two different back bone structures. Below the structure of vertebra is shown.






3. What is the ratio of the area of the Disc to the Pedicle on each subject for pre- and post-load? Note that you may need to conduct several calculations and use an average to find the best estimate.


Show your calculations:

Image A Pre-Load Ratio Image C Post-Load Ratio:













Image C Pre-Load Ratio: Image C Post-Load Ratio:
















4. In some way of fashion represent the changes between the two structures before and after load in an angular representation?