An Image Processing Research Project

So we have learned several different image processing techniques so far.  Let's see whether we can solve some of the problems given below using our problem solving and image processing skills.  Open a MS Word file and save your answers and results there. To save an image on your PC, Right Click on the image, then Save As and save the file in the My Documents folder.

Problem (1)

I am 5' 7'' tall.  A. What is the length, height, and width of this school bus?
Front of the but at the same time

B. The building to the right is the CAP building and you can see the ASU Parking Deck right to the side of that building in the back.  Can you by looking at the picture tell whether this picture is taken in the afternoon or in the morning?  If you need the ASU map, you can find it at:

C. Can you find a way to determine the write up at the top of STOP sign above the window?

Problem (2)
A. How many flowers are there in this picture?
B. What is written on the piece of paper?  What was the color of pen?

C. Determine the Distance between the two poles in the Right-hand-side picture.

Problem (3)
This picture is taken at 12:30 pm in front of CAP building.
Determine what time this one is taken of the same pole on the same day.

Problem (4)
A.Caculate the area of the green sign in square inch.
B. Determine the length and height of the bike rack.

C. What is the radius of the bicyle's tire?

Problem (5)
A. Determine the height and width of the door. B. Determine the distance between the pole and the building behind it.

Problem (6)
A. Determine the write up on the top left sign.
B. This picture is taken from the main entrance door of the CAP.  Determine
whether it is taken in the afternoon or in the morning.  You can find ASU map at: