Filename: bodyfat_dataset

Predict the percentage of body fat for an individual, based on various body characteristics.

An estimator can be found by Fitting the inputs and targets

The data set consists of 252 samples

"bodyfatInputs" is a 13x252 matrix whose rows are:

1. Age (years)
2. Weight (lbs)
3. Height (inches)
4. Neck circumference (cm)
5. Chest circumference (cm)
6. Abdomen 2 circumference (cm)
7. Hip circumference (cm)
8. Thigh circumference (cm)
9. Knee circumference (cm)
10. Ankle circumference (cm)
11. Biceps (extended) circumference (cm)
12. Forearm circumference (cm)
13. Wrist circumference (cm)

"bodyfatTargets" is a 1x252 matrix of body fat percentages.