Filename: abalone_dataset

Estimate the number of rings of an abalone shell given eight measurements. The number of rings is useful as it can be used to compute the age, by adding 1.5.

An estimator can be found by Fitting the inputs and targets

The data set consists of 4177 samples.

"abaloneInputs" is an 8x4177 matrix, whose rows are:

1. Sex, M, F, and I (infant)
2. Length
3. Diameter
4. Height
5. Whole weight
6. Shucked weight
7. Viscera weight
8. Shell weight

"abaloneTargets" is a 1x4177 matrix of ring counts.


This data is available from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.

Murphy,P.M., Aha, D.W. (1994). UCI Repository of machine learning databases []. Irvine, CA: University of California, Department of Information and Computer Science.

Donated to the repository by Sam Waugh.