CS 3531/5531 - Image Processing
Professor : Rahman Tashakkori
Spring 2001


This course is an introduction to Digital Image Processing.  It is designed to cover digital techniques for image representation, enhancement, compression and restoration. The course is intended for the first year graduate and upper level undergraduate students. The prerequisites for
this course are; Computer Science - II (CS 2440) and Linear Algebra.   It is helpful to have a background in digital signal processing and

This course is research oriented.  We will introduce the latest developments in this field.  Students are expected to read research papers and conduct group and individual projects.  Some labs are designed so that students can implement some of the techniques.  

Assignments and projects for the undergraduate and graduate students different and will be graded separately.


R. Gonzalez and R. Woods, Digital Image Processing, Addison and Wesley, 1993 (on reserve in the Engineering Library).
Additional readings to be distributed during class.

Some of the Topics:

Basic Concepts
Mathematical Background
Representation and Enhancement
Image Compression and Coding
Image Restoration
Medical Images
Wavelets and Lifting