Dr. Tashakkori's - CS3531 Class Activities
Nov 17 The file with MATLAB Demos
There is a zipfile that has all of the files in it.

Sep 27.
Historgram Matching and more on Intensity Enhancement
Exam 1 - Wednesday Oct 11 Sep 25.
Historgram equialization Sep 22.
Chapter (3) - imadjust used in different enhancement examples
Historgram equialization Sep 20.
Lab (2) Sep 18.
Bit Plane Slicing Sep 15.
Enhancement Worksheet Sep 13.
Enhancement Worksheet Sep 11.
Enhancement Worksheet Sep 8.
Enhancement Worksheet Sep 6.
Lab(1) - Introduction MATLAB, Room 439

Sep 1.
Read Chapter (2)

Aug. 30
Assignment (1) Due
A Worksheet for Statistics
Image Processing Concepts.

Aug. 29
Review of Statistics

Chapter (1)

Aug. 25
Review of Linear Algebra
Assignment (1) was given (Due Wed Aug 30 )
Students at the remote sites: Please submit the assignment to the faculty coordinator. They will fax them to me. If you have typed your asnwers, then send it as an attachment.

Aug. 23
Introduction, Syllabus