Image Processing Assignment 5

Q1 Image enhancement

Figure 1 - Left Breast

Figure 2 Different view of same image



Figure 3 Right Breast

Figure 4 Different view of same image


Consider the above four images. On Figure 1 and 2, you see the two different views of the left breast and on Figure 2 and 3, you see the images of the right breast. There are some abnormalities (usually appearing as clusters of white spots) in either the left or in the right images. You have learned about some of the enhancement techniques and thresholding in class. Try your best to identify (isolate) places you think such abnormalities might exist.


Question 2- Try the techniques you have learned to separate the regular 4 shapes as best as you can. Please do not manually erase any part of the image.


Question 3

Use some of the intensity and spatial enhancement techniques you have learned in class to isolate the frame of the mirror from this image.






Question 4

The two images below were supposed to show the structure of the back bone. As you see it is very difficult to see the structure specially at the bottom part. Use the enhancement techniques you have learned to improve the quality of these images.


Image 1 Image of the back under load

Image 2 Image of the back after load





You can download all the images you need for this assignment here.
P1.Figure 1
P1.Figure 2
P1.Figure 3
P1.Figure 4