Image Processing Project – Fall 2005

You are required to complete this project individually.  


You are given a set of images on the project web page (


For each of the images given, you need to perform some tasks as described on the project’s web page.  You will use MATLAB to write two programs (ONLY) that are used to carry out APrt (1) and Part (2) of the project.   In addition to a typed report, you need to e-mail me your MATLAB programs as an attachment.


Your report should be typed in MS Word in font 12 points with 1” margin on all sides.  The report should include:


1) Title page: Title, your name, semester, and course name,

2) Maximum 4 pages on the theory (the techniques you have used).  If you are using different techniques or methods, write separate sections for each, 

3) Project description.  This includes how you carried the research out,

4) Includes your results as images or in tables,

5) Summary and conclusion page, and

6) References.


Part (1) – Image Enhancement

You are given two images of human back bone. 


Image (1)

Image (2)


You are to produce an image (as close as you can) that has the vertebra separated from the rest of the image.   For example something like the image below, or even better quality one, for each of the original images shown above.  

An example of an enhanced image

Your MATLAB program should read an image as its input and displays the original and the final image.  You should include in your report all the steps you have taken to produce the output image.


Part(2) – Content search

In this part of the project you will write a MATLAB program that takes an image as its original image and another one as the query image.  Your program is to determine whether the query image exists somewhere in the given image.  In case the query image is found in the original image, your program should somehow determine where in the image that query image has been found.  You can choose any mechanism you wish to indicate the location where the query image has been found.  A good solution is to mark the center pixel of the place in which the query has been found.  For now you can assume that the query image is of odd row and column sizes. 





Original Image

Query Image


To test your program, you can create some query images on your own.  I will test your program with a new image and several query images.