Dr. Tashakkori's - CS3530/CS5530 Class Activities

Sept. 13
Lab (2) - Sampling and Quantization. Post_lab Due Friday Sept. 20.

Sept. 11
A moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack of 9/11.
We continued our discussion on sampling and quantization.
Sept. 9
We talked about quantization and sampling and their effects in image quality.

Sept. 6
Lab (1) - Introduction to Matlab. Post_lab due Friday Sept. 13.

Sept. 4
We talked about representation of digital images in CHapter (2). We discussed how the images are built in human eyes and how human can see a wide range of intesities by adjusting to smaller ranges.

Sept. 2
Labor Day Holiday.

Aug. 30
Chapter (1) - We about different imaging techniques and how images of different modalities are obtained. We also talked about the human vision and how an image is created in human eyes. Chapter (1) is finished and we started Chapter(2). Next we will discuss how we digitize images.

Aug. 28
Introduction, Syllabus