First Year Seminar 2009 Class Activities for First Year Seminar 2009

Thursday July 23
Final Exam
What is on the Final? Whatever we have covered in the labs. There is nothing to read or memorize. Try to review whatever you have done in the labs. Link to the Survey

Wednesday July 22
Problem Solving using Computer Tools - Part (2)
Activity (1) and (2) Periodic Function Lab
You need to download the Sun Spot data set for Activity (2). Click here to download Sun Spot Data . Right click on the link and save.

If we have time, then Activity (3)
First you will go through the following manual to learn how to measure the percent of area of an unknown area to that of a known area. Pay close attention to the Mean, Max, and Min and make sure you know what they mean.
Measurement of Percent Area using Image Processing Techniques with ImageJ

Tuesday July 21
Detailed Lab Manual
Problem Solving using Computer Tools - Part (1)
Activity (1) - Measuring the area of a known object using Monte Carlo approach with lentils. Determining estimation error.
Activity (2) - Measuring the area of an unknown object using Monte Carlo approach with lentils.
Activity (3) - Using Excel to estimate a value for pi with Monte Carlo approach.
In-Lab Assignment for Lab Grade:
Problem (1) - Generate 40 random angles between 0 to 360 degree in one column and their corresponding Sin value in the next column.
Problem (2) - Create a scatter plot for the the pair of values you have generated in Problem (1).
E-mail the Excel File to Dr. Tashakkori at

Monday July 20
Open Discussions on Problem Solving Strategies
Writing Clinic (3)

Sunday July 19
Writing Clinic (2) 2:00-6:00pm

Saturday July 18
Outdoor Program - Hiking and climbing

Friday July 17
Outdoor Program - Individual Course 4:00-8:00 pm

Thursday July 16
Problem Solving in Physics - Part (2)

Wednesday July 15
Problem Solving in Chemistry - Part (2)
Biodiesel Experiment

Tuesday July 14
Problem Solving in Physics - Part (1)

Monday July 13
Search and Research Process - Belk Library
Discussion of the Summer Reading Book Part (2)

Sunday July 12
Writing Clinic 2:00-6:00 pm

Saturday July 11
Outdoor Program - 8:00am - 7:0 0pm

Friday July 10
Outdoor Program - Team Activity 4:00-8:00 pm

Thursday July 9
Problem Solving in Using Computer Tools (1)
This is a link to an Excel resource: Excel Tutorial
Class Activity: Visualizing your data in Excel (1)
Here is a nice web page that will allow users to get the Latitude and Longitude of a Point on the map.
Another cool mapping tool: Simple Map Generator

Wednesday July 8
Problem Solving in Chemistry - Part (1)
We will meet in CAP Room 112 at 3:20. Visible Spectroscopy and BEER's Law

Tuesday July 7
Introduction: Problem Solving Strategies and their Applications in College
One of the Tools used for Image Processing and Image Manipulation is ImageJ. It is freeware software you can downloald. We will use it in today's activity to solve a problem. So, find it on your PC, it is usually under CS list (on some of the computers CS software is under Arts and Sciences).
Activity (1) - Go through this lab very carefully. Follow all the steps. Measurement of Length and Angle

Activity (2) - Let's start with a simple example. 1) Save this Image, DoorWithAngle.jpg and use the techniques you learned in Activity (1) to estimate the height and width of the window in inches. The paper on the side is a regular printer paper.
2) On the same picture measure the angle between the side of the door on the right-hand-side and the white line that connects the corner of the door to the corner of the window. Monday July 6 Discussion of the Summer Reading Book