Assignment (5) Assignment (5) - Due Wednesday 4, E-mail submission ONLY
You will create one Excel Spreadsheet with two sheets for each of the problems below and submit ONE file that contains the solution to both problems as an e-mail attachment before the due date. Note: the file should contain all the details for each problem.

All the computations MUST be done in your Excel file, and MUST have label, so I can see what you have done. For example, if you are computing the ratio of the number of points inside to the total, on the left cell lable Ratio. If you are cmputing the area, lable it as Area.

P1 - Generate 100 random points for x and 100 random data points for y in the most suitable range. I will leave this up to decide what range is most suitable as you have already learned what to do in class on Wednesday. Then insert the image of the unknown shape: Unknowon shape in the scatter plot you have genrated for the above data points in your Excel sheet and compute the area using the random points you have created.

P2 - Repeat the same computations for the shape you were given on Assignment (4).
Team 1 and 2 Image
Team 3 and 4 Image
Team 5 and 6 Image
Team 7 and 8 Image