UCO 1200 - Assignment (3)
Due - Monday Sep 14
Those of you who have missed the last assignment are required to answer both questions.
Type your answer, print and submit in class or e-mail to rt@cs.appstate.edu.

1. One of your friends is to buy a digital camera. She has set aside some money (reasonable but not unlimited) for this purpose. Explain to her what features a digital camera might have that are of interest and are useful. Try to give her examples of how each feature can be used and how that feature may affect the price. Note, you are not a salesperson. You will only present some facts to her so she can make a decision.

2. NASA puts astronauts through some testing for a period of time before they send them off on a mission. In order to do this, they create a zero gravity environment for testing. How does NASA create zero gravity in their facility on the Earth?