CS 3430 - Introduction to Database Systems

Fall 2001- Course Syllabus



Professor: Dr. Rahman Tashakkori
Office: CAP 127B
Office Phone: 262-7009
Office Hours: MWF 8:30-11:00, MWF 12:00-1:00 PM,  and whenever my office door is open.
Class Time/Location: MWF 11:00-11:50 /Room 337 CAP.
Lab Location: 439 CAP
Start Date: August 15, 2001    End Date: December 5, 2001
Professor's e-mail:  rt@cs.appstate.edu
Professor's Web Page: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/
CS2490 (Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science)
Fundamentals of Database Systems, R. Elmasri and S. B. Navathe, Addison Wesley, Third Edition, 2000.
Other References
An Introduction to Database Systems, C. J. Date, Addison Wesley.
Objective of the Course
This course is intended to give students an understanding of data modeling concepts as well as an introduction to database theory and database systems organization.
Tentative Course Outline
Introduction: Chapters 1 and 2

Entity-Relationship Model: Chapter 3
Relational Model and Relational Algebra: Chapter 7
ER-to-Relational Mapping: Chapter 9
Database Design: Chapter 16
SQL: Chapter 8
Relational Calculus: Chapter 9
Relational Database Design: Chapter 14, 15
File Organization and Indexing Chapter 5, 6
Query Processing and Optimization: Chapter 18
Transaction: Chapter 19
Concurrency: Chapter 20
Recovery: Chapter 21
Security and Integrity: Chapter 22
Team Project

There is one team project for this course.  Each team will first submit the title of a project with a paragraph describing the objectives and the method.  Once the projects was approved by the instructor, then students will complete the first phase of the project which will be revised by the instructor and students.  Finally, students will complete the final version of the project a week before the end of the semester.  More details will be given on the procedure during the semester.

Grading policy
The following grading scale will used in this course:
                        Exam (1), 25%,
                        Final exam, 30%,
                        Homework 15%,
                        Team Project 20%, and
                        Quizzes and Class Participation %10.

Students are required to attend all classes.  All assignments are due before the start of the class on the due date. No assignment will be accepted once the solution is discussed in the classroom.   No make-up exams will be given in this course.  If you missed an exam due to an "extreme circumstances" such as illnesses, death of a relative, or problems of this nature, you have to present documents (e.g. a letter from a doctor, a letter from a hospital, or an obituary from the funeral).  In the such cases, student's final exam's grade will be used for the missed exam.

All assignments and programs MUST be completed by students individually unless the assignment or project is given as a team project.  In such a case, the team members can work together on the project.  You may discuss the assignments and programs among each other but you have to write/edit programs by YOURSELF.   Please see the ASU Academic Integrity Policy for a description of the woes that befall a transgressor!

Grading Scale
A = 93 to 100,  A- = 90-93.9
B+ = 87 to 89.9, B = 83-86.9, B- = 80-82.9
C+ = 77 to 79.9, C = 73-76.9, C- = 70-72.9
D+ = 67 to 69.9, D = 63-66.9, D- = 60-62.9
F = Below 60

No incomplete grade will be given in this course.

Important Note
If you have a question send me e-mail at any time, and I will try to reply to your e-mail as soon as possible.  I encourage all students to communicate with me using e-mail whenever they have questions.  I will set several online office hours at nights and strongly encourage you to take advantage of those hours.  I also encourage you to check the announcements page periodically for updates regarding our class, assignments, etc....

Fall 2001 Academic Calendar
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Final Exam
Saturday 12/08/01, 3:00-5:00 PM.