Database-Class Activities
Fri Feb 24
Quiz (3)
Chapter (7)
This is the schema diagram we came up with on Friday. Let.s find the ER diagram for this. State all the requirements, specifications, and assumptions first.
Serial_No Make Model Color Style Size No_of_Gears MSRP SalesP Weight

StkNo Type Position CableStyle manufacturer

Serial_No Material Type Manufacturer Weight Size MSRP SalesP

Serial_No Material Type Manufacturer Tread Size MSRP SalesP

StkNo Color Type Position Voltage Charge

Fri Feb 17
Quiz (2)
Chapter (3)

Wed Feb 15
Chapter (3)

Mon Feb 13
Chapter (3)

Fri Feb 10
Guest Speaker started Chapter (3)

Wed Feb 8
Finished Chapter (2)

Mon Feb 6
Chapter (2)

Fri Feb 3
Started Chapter (2)
Assignment (1) was assigned

Wed Feb 1
Finished Chapter (1)
Started Chapter (2)

Mon Jan 30
Guest Lecture - From Database to Data Mining (Dr. Saniha Yuksel)

Fri Jan 27
Chapter (1)

Wed Jan 25
Chapter (1)

Mon Jan 23
teams were built
Chapter (1)

Fri Jan 20
Chapter (1)

Mon Jan 18
Syllabus - Introduction
Pre-Requisite Assessment Quiz