Assignment (2)
CS3430 Due Wednesday Sept. 12

Assuming you are asked to create a database system for a franchise manufacturing company that maintains different departments and projects in various locations. At this stage there are many questions regarding the database this company may need. One thing we know for sure is that they want as a complete of the system as they can get to manage their employees.

Of course, you plan to meet with somebody who has a good idea about what might be needed. So, you try to come up with some things you think are very important and you wish to learn about them by asking some questions. This stage of processing is just before identifying Requirements of the system. Let's first find out what kind of MAIN things (may be tables) you need and what kinds of thing each may keep track of or hold.

1) Write 10 questions you wish to ask from the person you will meet. Your questions cannot be random and has to help you with your design at some point.

2) Draw a Schema Diagram that captures items you have asked in your questions as close as possible.

Note, at this time you don't have to deal with precise attributes for different tables you might have in mind.