Dr. Tashakkori's - CS3430 Class Activities

Sep. 13
Group assignments were made. 7 groups of undergraduate students (4 members each) and 1 group of graduate students with two members were established. This was officially the first group meeting for groups. We discussed the Employee Database System and groups came up with the schema. Notebooks were given to the group leaders and phone numbers were collected for each group.

Sep. 11
A moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives in the terrist attack of 9/11.
We collected the Information sheets. The ER Model talk by Dr. Chen was not clear on the overhead projector. We finished Chapter (2) and started Chapter (3). I sent the link to Peter Chen's talk on E-R model by e-mail.

Sep. 9
We continue our discussion on Chapter (2). We discussed the conceptual design in details.

Sep. 6
Quiz (1) - 30 points. Solved the quiz questions. Started Chapter (1). Assignment (1) Due next Friday.
Sep. 4
Finished Chapter (1). Quiz on Chapter (1) on Friday.

Sept. 2
Labor Day Holiday.

Aug. 30
Chapter (1) - We talked about places where we need a DBMS and defined and discussed a DBMS. You are to think about different ways that you can find Mr. Smith's courses that he has taken in Computer Science with their grades.

Aug. 28
Introduction, Syllabus