Assignment (5)
CS3430 Due Wednesday Dec. 4

Problem (1) 60 points
Consider the database shown in Figure 1.2 whose schema is shown in figure 2.1.

1) Draw the ER diagram for this database.  Clearly mark the relation types and cardinality ratios.  Write any assumtion you have made.
2) Implement the database in MySQL.  Populate the database with given data.  Print a copy of the MySQL scripts that you have used to create the database and to populate it.  Submit the results of:
    a) show tables and
    b) describe table for each individual table.

3) Write the following three queries in SQL and run it in MySQL.  Submit each query and its results.
    a) List names, student numbers, and majors for students who have taken a course in the CS department.
    b) List names, ID, and the total number of credit hours they have taken
    c) List the courses which have two or more courses as their prerequisite with the department that is offering those courses.

2. Question 8.14 -  20 points

3. Question 8.16 (Parts C and E only) 20 points