STEM Seminar Spring 2016 - Class Activities

Friday Apr 29 -
Topic: TBA

Friday Apr 22 -
Topic: TBA

Friday Apr 15 - Dr. Jim Street (ASU Leadership)
Topic: Leadership Workshop

Friday Apr 8 - David Powel - Solution Architect, Tableau Software
Topic: Concepts for Data Visualization in a "self-service" Environment

Friday Apr 1 - Dr. Celes Woodruff (Former CSEMS Scholar, Faculty)
Topic: TBA

Friday Mar 25 - Gu, Chuanhui (ASU Geology)
Topic: Riparian buffers as dynamic pollutant filters in streams

Friday Mar 18 - Dr. Jim Street (ASU Leadership)
Topic: Leadership Workshop

Friday Mar 11 - Spring Break

Friday Mar 4 - Dr. Eric Marland (ASU Math)
Topic: Uncertainty and Resolution in Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions

Friday Feb 26 - Dr. Nahid Farhady, Viginia Tech
Topic: Security Pitfalls in Cryptography: Walls May Have EARS!

Friday Feb 19 - Dr. Shea Tuberty (ASU Biology)
Topic: The Road Salt Impacts on Aquatic Systems in North America

Friday Feb 12 - Dr. Tim Chartier from Davidson College
Topic: Bracketology: the mathematics of the NCAA tournament

Friday Feb 5 -
Topic: TBA

Friday Jan 29 - Dr. Jim Street (ASU Leadership)
Topic: Leadership Workshop
The team came up with a name:
Open & Honest
Everyone knows each other
Everyone is excited about the group & our work
Cool filed trips
Come ready to learn and develop new skills
Open minded to new ideas and value other perspectives
Creativity is valued
Failure = Data
Overcome personal challenge
Controversy with Civility
Strong sense of community
Have fun
Gain Experiences
Make and Accomplish Goals

Friday Jan 22 - Snow Day
Topic: Dr. Marland's talk was postponed to March 4

Friday Jan 15 - Introduction, Kick Off
Discussing the semester activities, introducing scholars.
Discussing research projects, team building