STEM Seminar Spring 2015 - Class Activities

Friday May 1 -
Final S-STEM Conference, Closing

Friday Apr 24 -
Examining Eye-Fixations during Wayfinding in
Dr. Hessam Ghamari, Technology & Environmental Design, ASU Unfamiliar Environments

Friday Apr 17 -
Dr. Jennifer Burris, Physics and Astronomy, ASU

Friday Apr 10 -
CS Advisory Board STEM presentations

Friday Apr 3 -
Dr. Nickolas Jordan, the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling

Friday Mar 27 -
The First Lowe's Distinguished Speaker Series Talk
VP Kevin Bilodeau - Big Data Analytics group - Lowe's Companies

Friday Mar 20 - Leadership Series
Dr. Jim Street

Friday Mar 13 -
Spring Break

Friday Mar 6 - Guest Speaker Series
Pi Day with the Simpsons and Futurana
Dr. Sarah Greenwald, Department of Mathematical Sciences, ASU

Friday Feb 27 - Guest Speaker Series
Internet of Things
Dan Thyer, CTO and Co-Founder, Logical Advantage

Friday Feb 20 -
Mid-Semester Project Progress Report

Friday Feb 13 - Sharing Real Life Experiences, Former scholars of the S-STEM and STEP programs
Ryan Belt (B.s. & M.S. CS@ASU, Business and Tech Application Analyst)
Jeremy Booker (B.S. & M.S. CS@ASU, Business and Tech Application Analyst)
Seth Hobson (M.S. Music@Indiana, B.S. CS@ASU, Business and Tech Application Analyst)

Friday Feb 6 - Guest Speaker Series
Music Similarity
Dr. Mitch Parry, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, ASU

Friday Jan 30 - Students Presentations
Noah Hughes (Math)
Lee Fisher (Math)
Jacob Winebarger (Math)

Friday Jan 23 - Building a strong community
Success is CHEAP Seminar
Two TED Talks following by the community building social

Friday Jan 16 - Introduction, Kick Off
Discussing the semester activities, introducing scholars.
Discussing research projects, team building