S-STEM Seminar Spring 2011 - Class Activities

Thr Apr 28 S-STEM Final Seminar

Friday Apr 22 Easter Break

Friday Apr 15 Dr. Joe Daly, Professor, College of Business, ASU
Leadership Series: Managing Conflict Workshop

Friday Apr 8 Preparing for the Student Research Day Presentations

Friday Apr 1 Greg Gojanovich, Ph.D. Candidate, North Carolina State
Creating an Immunological Toolkit for Man's Best Friend

Friday Mar 18 Dr. Fenwick

Friday Mar 25 Dr. Ali Fazely, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SUBR
1) General talk on "IceCube, a Cubic Kilometer Neutrino Detector at the South Pole"
2) More technical talk on "IceCube Status and Results, with Emphasis on Supernovae Detection".

Friday Mar 11 Spring Break

Friday Mar 4 Dr. Eric Allain, Department of Chemistry, ASU
Title: Cell-Free Production of Fuel Ethanol

Friday Feb 25 Open Day
Outdoor Program or the Quinn Center depending on the weather

Friday Feb 18 Dr. Brooke Hester, Department of Physics and Astronomy, ASU
Title: Optical Tweezers - Holding Tiny Things with Light

Friday Feb 11 Science Series - NOVA
Dog Decoded

Friday Feb 4 Dr. Eric Marland, Department of Mathematical Sciences, ASU
Title: "The Value of Carbon - A Hoppameleon Study"

Friday Jan 28 William Cook, Department of Mathematical Sciences, ASU
Title: Symmetry Groups: From the Quadratic Formula to String Theory

Friday Jan 21 Dr. Tashakkori, Leadership Series
Managing resources to achieve goals.

Friday Jan 14 Introduction and Sharing an Experience
Welcome Back, Introduction, Syllabus, and planning for the semester
Justin Seldomridge and Briana Mendiola