S-STEM Seminar Spring 2010 - Class Activities

April 28 - S-STEM Final Seminar

Thursday April 22 - Student Research Day
Scholars present a 12-15 minute talk on their research.

Friday April 16 - Guest Speaker, Dr. Guillermo Tonsmann, Parks University, Austin, TX
Data Mining of day-to-day Data

Friday April 9 - Distinguished Speaker, Dr. Hamid Arabnia, UGA
Scalable High Performance Computing and Imaging Science

Friday April 2 - Community Building & Social Event

Friday March 19 - Distinguished Speaker, Dr. Steven Rogers, UNC Chapel Hill
Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics by Proteins that Bind to their Ends

Friday March 12 - Spring Break

Friday March 5 - Dr. Suzanna L. Brauer, ASU Biology
Microbial Biogeochemistry of Manganese

Friday February 26 - Mid-Term Project Report

Friday February 19 - Dr. Howie Neufeld, ASU Biology & the AppalAir Program
Air Pollution Effects on Plants

Friday February 12 - Community Building & Social Event

Friday February 5 - Mr. Paul Norwood, ComServ, Lenoir, NC
Operation of Non-Profit Organizations

Friday January 29 - Dr. Jim Sherman, Department of Physics and Astronomy & AppalAir, ASU
"Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effects on Regional Climate"
Due: REU, Internships applications, graduate school applications, or job applications

Friday January 22
Sharing an experience, Matthew Roberts (Alexander Horned Sphere), Mathematics Scholar
Haley Werth-Association of Information Technology Professionals, ASU
More on Internships

Friday January 15
Welcome Back, Introduction, Syllabus, and planning for the semester
Building Teams