STEM Seminar Fall 2017 - Class Activities

Friday August 25 - Kick Off
Discussing the semester activities, introducing scholars.
Discussing research projects, team building

Friday September 1 - Sharing a Real-world Experience
Mr. James Smith, Stratowave

Friday September 8 - Internship Experiences
Evangeline Luciano (ECRS Scholar), Japan Study Abroad Experience
Dylan Sabia (Former STEP Scholar), Summer Internship Experience at Veritude
James Ward, Summer Internship Experience at Prometheus Group

Friday September 15 - Wellness Educator Presentation
Augie Howland and Sydney Hobart
Take Ten is a presentation that provides education regarding meditation techniques, mindfulness skills, and Koru Mindfulness classes. Sponsored by the Department of Wellness and Prevention Services and facilitated by members of WE CAN, students will have the opportunity to practice meditation and engage in group discussion, in order to help them understand how meditation can be used as a stress management tool.

Friday September 22 - Graduate School Opportunity
Dr. Jessica Schlueter, Bioinformatics, UNC Charlotte

Friday September 29 - Internship Experiences
Sergei Miles, Summer Internship, France
Brian Smith, Summer Internship, NC
Wilt Latham, Summer Internship, NC
Russell Chamberlane, Summer Internship, NC

Friday October 6 - Wellness Educator Presentation
Augie Howland and Alice Albl
Mindful Mountaineers is a presentation that provides information about the importance of mental well-being. Sponsored by the Department of Wellness and Prevention Services and facilitated by members of WE CAN, students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities that will help them to identify reasons why stress occurs and stress management techniques including, but not limited to sleeping habits and self-care.
Friday October 13 -
Fall Break 10/12 and 10/13

Friday October 20 - Computational Science
Dr. Robert Gotwall, NCSSM
How Computational Scientists Study Nature
In this presentation, we'll look at how computational science represents the newest methodology in studying interesting scientific problems. The talk will discuss how scientists convert a scientific problem into a computational one, with an emphasis on algorithm development and the role of mathematics and computer science. A sample research topic, the computational analysis of charge transfer in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), will be presented.

Friday October 27 - SRC
Erik Cole

Friday Nov 3 - Midterm Project report presentations
Five minute presentations on your team project

Friday Nov 10 - Sharing a real-world interdisciplinary experience
Gene Fiorini
CrIME: Criminal Investigation through Mathematical Examination
Abstract: Broadly speaking, forensic science analyzes trace evidence left at the scene of a crime which may be used to either implicate or exonerate a suspect, or just to gain further insight into the incident. Using several cases as a backdrop, this talk examines some of the common applications of the mathematical sciences to forensic science. Topics covered may include pre-calculus (blood spatter analysis, decomposition), calculus and differential equations (time of death, transference), graph theory (print analysis), probability (DNA identification), statistics and informatics (evidence sampling, forensic entomology), discrete mathematics (pattern analysis), and computational thinking (digital and cyber forensics).

Friday Nov 17 - Internship Experiences
Brenner Harris, Summer Internship Experience at Fidelity
Russell Chamberlain, Summer Internship Experience
Preston Wilson, Summer Internship Experience at NIST
Calvin Yarboro, Summer Internship Experience at IBM

Friday Nov 24 - Thanksgiving Break

Friday Dec 1 - Math Guest Speaker
Dr. Sarah Greenwald, ASU Math and Science
Designing effective homework systems + mathematics and computer science in The Simpsons and Futurama

Thursday Dec 7 - STEM Final Conference
Starting at 4:00 pm