CSEMS Mentroing Teams
S-STEM Mentoring Teams - Fall 2009

Team 1: Mon at 11 Comp Chem lab
David Bowman (Leader)
Catherine Thomas, Andrew Young, and Isaac Bryan

Team 2: Fri at 2:00
Richard DeTriquet (Leader)
Philip Bennett, Joseph Gryder and Ben Eanes

Team 3: Mon at 2:30
Mark Lingelbach (Leader)
Matt Minnick, Nathan Kelley, and Chelsea Bussey

Team 4: Thurs at 5:00 in CAP 336
Matthew Lingelbach (Leader)
Angelo Litrenta, Kevin Holway, and Daniel Wilson

Team 5: Thurs at 2:00 in Dining Hall
Ashley Roberts (Leader)
Uzoma Ekenna, Kimberly Kiser, and Spencer brooks

Team 6: Mon at 7PM in CAP 369
Jeremy Shope (Leader)
Andrew Leszczewski, Michael Salley, Lance Calhoun

Team 7: Thur at 2:00 in CAP 243
Jeremy Walker (Leader)
Briana Mendiola, Jiustin Seldomridge, and Clinton Freeman

Team 8: Thurs at 10 in CAP 439
Jason Wyatt (Leader)
Aaron Folstad, Allison Nelson, and Ondrej Dyck

Team 9: Mon at 3PM in CAP 369
Andrew Huffman (Leader)
Jacob Edwards, Zachary Bryan, and Allen Boone

Team 10: Fri at 2PM in CAP 2nd floor
Josh Kelley (Leader)
Nate Cox, Melissa Hecht, and Taryn Roten

Team 11: Tues at 4PM in CAP 369
Nathan Vogt (Leader)
Jacob Seibel, Connor Phyfer, Bethany Miller