Welcome to the RET Workshop @ BTG 2016 - Oct 26, 2016
We would like to welcome you to the RET Workshop at the Bridging the Gap Conference (BTG) 2916. This workshop is sponsored by the RET Program in the Department of Computer Science at Appalachian State University.

Morning Session, 8:30-12:00
9:00-9:15 Introduction
9:15-10:30 Module 85 - Finch Robot & Scratch
10:30-12:00 Module 88 - Finch Robot Controller in Scratch
We may need some of these files for the Finch modules Finch associate Files

Working Lunch 12:00-1:30 Sharing experience & the Keynote Talk

Afternoon Session, 1:45-5:00
1:45-2:10 Trying the LittleBits out
2:10-3:00 Intro to LittleBit
3:00-3:50 LittleBit Playing different melodies
3:50-4:40 LittleBit and Finch together
4:40-5:00 Creative activities with LittleBit kits

Another LittleBit lab that we may not be able to do.
Voltage and Rotation speed
you need to download this file too: Rotation lab file
LittleBit Sound Lab