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RET Workshops

These workshops are offered as part of the RET Program at Appalachian State University for Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science high school teachers or community college faculty. The goal is to expose the workshop participants to course modules in the RET Program Repository and provide them an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with these modules.

October 26, 2016 Program Activities
Workshop 2016 page
A short video about Computer Science Video Link to the Repositiry

August 20, 2016 RET Teachers Workshop at ASU
RET Reunion

Participants will receive $250 stipend ($150 for participating at the workshop and another $100 for trying one of the modules in their classrooms). We would like to encourage new ideas for creating new modules. In case of team participation from the same school and whenever our resources allow, we will try to lend or provide some equipment to participants ito develop new modules. We strongly encourage collaborations.

Workshop Application
One page flier in PDF.