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  • Currently teaching full-time chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics in a high school or the same courses as well as engineering at a community college in North Carolina
  • Complete online application by the deadline
  • A resume (Please provide college science and math courses on your resume as well)
  • Two letters of recommendation from colleagues or school administrators indicating the ability to transfer the summer experience in your classrooms
  • A letter of support from the high school principal or chair of the department indicating support for your application and highlighting how you will benefit the students and colleagues in your school.
  • An essay (up to two pages) describing your current teaching responsibilities, highlighting your teaching style and how the summer program can help you improve your classroom instruction. The essay should clearly provide evidence of your creative approach in presenting concepts in your classrooms and how your approach helps students understand the material. More importantly, please explain how you might be able to assist your students learn more about computer science and its application.


    Full-time high school teachers who are teaching computer science, chemistry, physics, or mathematics courses, and community college faculty who are teaching these subjects as well as engineering are eligible. Applicants must be willing to discover new ways to introduce some of the concepts in their classrooms. We are seeking energetic and motivated participants who can entice students about computer science and its application in STEM. This six week program exposes teachers to Data Analysis & Mining, Visualization, and Image Processing.