RET 2015 Papers
  • Correlation Between Heat Index and Violent or Nonviolent Crimes in Cities of the United States
    Alison Tiangson & Tracy Neal
  • Investigating the Expanding Growth and Impact of the Asian Carp in the Upper Mississippi River
    Monica Bentrup & Tabitha Woodleif
  • Audio Analysis of the Sound from Honeybee Hives
    Sara Starnes & Tracy Jones
  • Efficacy Evaluation of the Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset and Associated Software
    Eric Jackson & Jonathan Tate
  • The Correlation Between Free and Reduced-Price Lunch and High SChool Academic Performance in North Carolina
    Danilo Morales & Matthew Charles
  • Reconstruction of 3D Objects for Printing
    Erin Duber & Jeremy Gordet

  • RET 2014 Papers
  • Constructing Virtual Environments for Education
    Allen Nice-Webb & Jere Miles
  • Estimating Honey Volume and Weight Per Hive Frame sing Image Analysis Software
    Kelly Allison & Rebekah Edmonds
  • Forecasting the Outcomes of Football Bowl Games with the AP Poll
    Caroline Meyer & Trent Teague
  • Kinect Facial Recognition
    Jo Higgins & Charito Hege
  • Docking Studies of Neonicotinoids in Apis mellifera
    Robert Gotwals & Cassaundra Papaj
  • Effects of Anatomical Position on the Curvature of the Traditional Parabolic Trajectory of Soccer Balls
    Adam Benoit & Matthew Cass

  • RET 2013 Papers
  • Plotting 3D Coordinates Using Microsoft Kinect
    Rebecca Cooper and Nick Westveer
  • A Statistical Analysis of Basketball Comebacks
    Jessica Jenkins and Adam Benoit
  • Historical Height and Weight Analysis of Male Athletes in Professional Sports
    Nicholas Inman and L. Wayne Hamlin
  • Identification of Leaves By Interior Shape and Texture
    Veronica Dooly and Jennifer LeBlanc
  • Reading a River Through Computer Science
    Thomas Brown and Rayvis Key
  • Determining Honey Bee Behaviors using Audio Analysis
    Loren Hord and Errol Shook