S-STEM Seminar Talk Series
Department of Computer Science

Fridays 3:00-4:00, Room 112 CAP

Friday March 7

Stephen R. Tate, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Head
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina
Greensboro, NC
Security Challenges for Computer Science Students
Dr. Stephen R. Tate, Ph.D.

In this talk Dr. Tate will describe how security awareness is vital for all computer science students, not just those who are entering the field of computer security.  In most cases of major security breaches, the failure is not with a failure in security technology or cryptography, but rather comes from simple programming errors from application developers.  Dr. Tate will present several examples of real-world security breaches with origins in programmer error, including the Slammer worm, which was the fastest-spreading worm in history.  Finally, he will talk about techniques for avoiding these problems and will give an overview of what I consider the top computer security challenges of the coming decade.  The level of this talk is designed so that it can be followed by any computer science student who has completed a course or two in programming.