S-STEM Seminar Talk Series
Department of Computer Science
Fridays 3:00-4:00, Room 112 CAP

Friday October 24, 2008








Dr. Mahmood Sabahi, Advisor II

Polymer Additives and Intermediates R&D


Baton Rouge, LA


Global Trends in Research and Development

Dr. Mahmood Sabahi, Ph.D.


The foundation of United States’ leadership in the world trade has been the continuous introduction of innovative and low cost technologies, products, and services to the world markets. This has been achieved by our leadership in investment and performance in Research and Development.  Globalization has given us access to new markets as well as lower cost production opportunities while at the same time offering new challenges and opportunities.  The rapid exchange of information and cross-broader data flow has created a very competitive business environment.  In this presentation, we will first define some very important terminologies and then describe the role of academia, industry, government, and private sector in creating knowledge and intellectual property.  We will then present historical worldwide R&D data and recent trends. The evolution of scientific discoveries to enabling technologies and the process for developing novel concepts to consumer products will also be discussed with specific examples from chemical industry.